Tam and Gol Airlines are offering Brazil and South America Air Passes for Foreign and Brazilian Citizens residing abroad who wish to travel within Brazil/South America at an attractive rate.

Both Brazil Air Pass and South America Air Pass need to be issued in conjunction with the International Ticket. That means you need to provide your International Ticket Number when issuing the Air Pass.

Air Passes must be booked on Economy class and may not exceed 9 Flight Coupons. The 2 Coupons which form a Connection will be counted as 1 Coupon, as long as the Ground Time does not exceed 4 hours.

Brazil Air Pass Price starts at only US$532 (taxes and fees not included) allowing you 4 Flights within Brazil.

South America Air Pass Price starts at only US$399 (taxes and fees not included) and is based on the distance from one point to another.

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