PRIVATE Belem Half Day Naturalistic Tour Cruise Ship Passengers


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Private Half Day Belem Naturalistic Tour
Duration: 4 hours


  • Round Trip Transportation from/to Belem Port
  • Professional English Speaking Tour Guide
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PRIVATE Belem Half Day Naturalistic Tour Cruise Ship Passengers – ICOARACI or Belém Ports Pick Up and Drop Off.


13Jan20 – Monday – 10am Pick UpHolland America Amsterdam Passengers –***1st Vehicle Fully Booked – 2nd Vehicle Confirmed and Available***
03Mar20 – Tuesday – 10am Pick UpHolland America Volendam Passengers – ***Tour Super Confirmed & Available***

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Pick Up at the ICOARACI or Belém Ports Terminals (depending on the Ship) – Guides will be holding Signs written DOBRAZILRIGHT

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Duration: 4 Hours

DoBrazilRight is able to confirm up to 56 passengers for this Private Service (Up to 2 Microbuses only). Belem is one of the most difficult cities in Brazil to find quality English Speaking Guides and Services need to be requested with a lot of time in Advance.


PRIVATE Belem Half Day Naturalistic Tour Cruise Ship Passengers.

Emilio Goeldi Museum

Amazonian flora and fauna Museum. An alternative for peace and tranquility in the city center. There is nothing similar in Brazil. The Goeldi preserves a good demonstration of the Amazon rainforest.
Here the tourist will see agoutis, pacas, armadillos and sloths and can see up close attractions such electric eel, manatees, harpy eagle, tapirs, macaws, jaguars and Amazon turtles. In ddition to visiting art exhibitions of Marajoara and Tapajônica crafts. There´s a collection of approximately 3,000 plant specimens with representatives of the Amazonian flora threatened with extinction, such as mahogany, nut-stop, rosewood, Acapu, red cedar, samaúma, acai and water lily pads. The museum, in an urban area of 3.500m2, one of the major anthropological and zoological parks in the world. It originated from the interest of a group of intellectuals and scientists to promote research in the region. Since its founding in 1866, its activities focus on the scientific study of natural and socio-cultural systems of the Amazon, as well as dissemination of knowledge and collections related to the region. Emilio Goeldi Museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays And group will visit the Basilica Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazareth instead. The Basilica of Nazareth is the only basilica of the Brazilian Amazon. Its history, its symbolism and its religious importance exert a deep influence in the religious imaginary of the Pará State people.

Mangrove of Herons Garden

Located on the banks of the river Guamá, surrounding the historic center, the complex occupies an area of about 42.000m2. Has been revitalized and represents a synthesis of the Amazonian environment in the heart of the capital.  In the naturalistic park, the visitor gets to know the different macro-flora of the state. The Mangal has a porch, restaurant, nursery butterflies and hummingbirds, bird rookeries, kiosks for snacks and a belvedere-lighthouse where tourists can see the unique landscape with the river and green Guamá spread throughout the park. Not to mention the sideshow of the sun setting. Near the entrance of the park is the old iron shed, there are exhibition and sale of plants and crafts.
Ponds where they are wading birds, ducks and turtles. Visitors can also walk through the inner areas of nursery birds, hummingbirds and butterflies.  In addition, Mangal houses the Maritime Museum, a restaurant and a walkway over the valley, 100 meters long

Pole Jeweler and Gem Museum

The building of the old prison took almost two years to be completely renovated. Today the site, which opened in October 2002, is making reference to the jewelers market and gems produced, by goldsmiths and the talents designers of Para. Local handicrafts and Tapajônica and Marajoara ceramics are also available

Batista Campos Square

In 2005, won the “Top 100 Award Brazil,” as the most beautiful square in the country. Obeying the plan “gardens without bars”, the square keeps characteristics of the twentieth century with ornamental plants, streams, bridges, benches, arbors, fountains and gazebos. It is titled as one of the most beautiful environments in the capital. A great place to relax and taste the local ice cream flavors.



Round Trip Transportation from Belem Port in NEW Vehicles
Professional English Speaking Tour Guide

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