Difference Between Skyboxes and Front Boxes

Luxury Skyboxes/CAMAROTES

We do not consider luxury skyboxes/camarotes to be the best tickets in the Sambadrome, as they are very expensive and create high expectations.
The Rio Carnival is a dream trip for many. The Carnival Parade at the Sambadrome is considered by many as the greatest spectacle in the world.
The Skyboxes/Camarotes might not be suitable for international tourists as they get overcrowded, uncomfortable with very little seating, long lines for food and drinks, and not worth the price for the poor service offered by the unmotivated staff.
As responsible Travel Consultants, we must inform all customers about the nature of the Skyboxes. These Skyboxes are primarily intended for young Brazilians who have already experienced the parade many times and are there mainly for the festive/club atmosphere rather than to watch the Parade attentively.
If we were in our customers’ place, we would be extremely disappointed to have spent a large amount of money and then have to stand all night without a good view of the parade, especially if it was something we had been looking forward to for a long time.
After considering all the details, we strongly recommend the Open Front Boxes as the best seats in the entire venue. Each box has 6 chairs and you will have your private box with an assigned seat. You can choose any of the rows including Row A where you won’t have anyone in front of you and can even touch the costumes. This will enable you to watch the parades in detail and enjoy an intense drumming experience from your chair. Click here to book your Open Front Box Tickets now.
After every Group parade, there is a waiting period of around 20 to 30 minutes, which may vary depending on the sector you are in. During this time, you can take a break, sit down, or go to the food court and explore the venue. You don’t need catering or an open bar in your ticket because you can purchase these items inexpensively at the venue. Open Boxes tickets provide you with the freedom to do whatever you want, arrive at any time, and go wherever you wish, without any restrictions. However, Skybox tickets may cause you stress and limit your enjoyment of the event.
Please find below some pictures of the Parade to illustrate our points. You are able to enlarge them all.
These 4 aerial images show the locations of the Skyboxes positioned directly below the Grandstand Sectors. The people in the skyboxes are wearing matching colored t-shirts. Adjacent to the Skyboxes are the Open Front Boxes. The Open Front Boxes offer a view of all four rows from A to D, the space between these rows, and a noticeable difference in comfort. To enlarge the images, please click on them.
These two pictures provide a closer view of the Open Front Boxes on the right-hand side and the space between rows. Please click to enlarge.
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