Difference Between Skyboxes and Front Boxes

Luxury Skyboxes/CAMAROTES – We definitely don´t think these tickets are the best ones in the Sambadrome anymore, especially because they are very expensive and customers have high expectations for such expensive tickets.
The Rio Carnival is for many, an once in a lifetime experience and a dream trip. People travel to great lengths and pay for very expensive airline tickets and hotel accommodation because of the Holiday, most especially the Carnival Parade at the Sambadrome, which is considered by many as the greatest spectacle in the world. 

We don´t think the Skybox Camarote is the perfect ticket for the International Tourist because these Skyboxes get completely full and super crowded, customers will have to be standing all night long (all very few seats are taken), very tiring and uncomfortable, will barely move, and that after you leave to the buffet area you will never able to return to the same spot in the front (in case you arrive early!). Huge lines to get food and drinks and not worth the price for such a bad service offered by the stressed and small staff. 

It is our responsibility and obligation to inform all customers about these aspects of the Skyboxes. We believe these Skyboxes are mostly for young Brazilians who have been to the parade dozens of times and are there mostly for the party atmosphere rather than to focus on watching the Parade.  

Putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we would be very upset about spending a very expensive amount and be standing up all night long without a good view of the Parade that was in our bucket list for so long. 

Taking all these details into consideration, we truly believe the Open Front Boxes (click here) are definitely the best seats in the entire venue. You have your private box with an assigned chair (each box has 6 chairs), we can guarantee you any of the rows including Row A (there won´t be anyone in front of you, you´ll be able to touch the costumes
). and you will be able to watch the parades in detail, plus the drummers’ experience from the boxes which is much more intense. 

Between every Group parade, there is a waiting time. This waiting time can be from 25 to 35 minutes depending on the sector you stay in. This waiting time is good to seat down a little bit, or even go to the food court and walk the venue for some people watching. You definitely don´t need catering and an open bar in your tickets because these items are sold in the venue, very inexpensive when you exchange your currency. The Open Boxes tickets will get you comfort and freedom to do whatever you want, to arrive at anytime you wish, go wherever you want to, at anytime you want, and return to your assigned seat. The skybox will not give you this freedom and might cause you a lot of stress in a moment that should be only magic and pleasure.

Please find below some pictures of the Parade to illustrate our points. You are able to enlarge them all.


On these 4 Aerial images, you can see all Skyboxes which are located right below the Grandstand Sectors, and people wear the same color t-shirts. Right next to the Skyboxes, you have the Open Front Boxes, where you can see all 4 Rows from A until D, the space between Rows, and the big difference in comfort. Please click to enlarge. 
These other 2 pictures show a closer look at the Open Front Boxes on the right-hand side, and the space between Rows. Please click to enlarge. 
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