Rio Carnival Parade Schedule and Ranking

32016 Liesa Ranking

In order to offer the public and the media a competitive parade and high artistic level, LIESA maintains a ranking to stimulate the Samba Schools to submit a working increasingly better.

If by the end of the Parade, two or more Samba Groups have the same amount of points and have the same points in all aspects, this ranking is used to break the tie.

The top ten Samba Groups are scored and the sum covers the last five carnivals.

The reward system is as follows:

1st place – 20 points
2nd place  – 15 points
3rd place – 12 points
4th place  – 10 points
5th place  – 8 points
6th place  – 6 points
7th place  – 4 points
8th place  – 3 points
9th place  – 2 points
10th place  – 1 point

Top 5 Samba School Groups in 2016 based on the Liesa Ranking 

Unidos da Tijuca – 77Points
Salgueiro – 63Points
Beija Flor – 57 Points
Portela – 42 Points
Vila Isabel – 36 Points

2016 Parade Result

1 – Mangueira
2 – Unidos da Tijuca
3 – Salgueiro
4 – Portela
5 – Beija-Flor
6 – Imperatriz
7 – Grande Rio
8 – Vila Isabel
9 – São Clemente
10 – Mocidade
11 – União da Ilha
12 – Estácio de Sá

2017 Rio Carnival Special Group Parade Schedule

Sunday – 26Feb17 

Tuiuti – Just got upgraded after winning the the Access Group in 2016
Grande Rio 
Imperatriz – Traditional Samba Group
Vila Isabel – 2013 winner
Salgueiro – Took 3rd place in 2016 and second place in 2015
Beija-Flor –  2015 winner

Monday – 27Feb17

União da Ilha
São Clemente
Mocidade – Traditional Samba Group
Unidos da Tijuca – 2014 winner, Second place in 2016, and the best ranked Samba Group in Rio
Portela – One of the favorites to win 2017 – Hired the best Carnival Director in Rio. Record Winning Samba Group in Rio
Mangueira – 2016 Winner. Most beloved Samba Group in Brazil – Indescribable feeling of watching Mangueira.


Access Group Parade Schedule

Friday – 24Feb17

All Friday Night Samba Groups below, except Alegria da Zona Sul (second), already paraded in the Special Group on previous years, so Friday Night parade is promising to deliver a good spectacle.

Acadêmicos do Sossego 
Alegria da Zona Sul
Unidos do Viradouro – Very Traditional Group
Império da Tijuca  
Estácio de Sá – Very Old and Traditional Group
Santa Cruz –
Traditional Group 

Saturday – 25Feb17

Academicos da Rocinha  – Traditional
Inocentes de Belford Roxo
Império Serrano – Very Old and Traditional Group. Already won the Special Group 9 times.
Unidos de Padre Miguel
Porto da Pedra –
Very Traditional Group 

Rio Carnival Parade Schedule and Ranking

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