Rio Carnival Parade Schedule and Ranking

2024 Rio Carnival Special Group Parade Schedule

Sunday – 11Feb24 – 6 Groups Parading

1. Porto da Pedra – Not very traditional without chances of winning. 
Beija-Flor – 2018 Winner, huge chances of winning. Took 2nd Place in 2022.
3. Salgueiro – A very old and traditional group with huge chances of winning. Top Favorite
4. Grande Rio –  Amazing Group, 2022 Winner! Top Favorite.
5. Unidos da Tijuca –  Very Traditional with chances of Winning. Top Favorite.
6. Imperatriz – A very old and traditional Group with huge chances of winning. 2023 Champion! 

Monday – 12Feb24 – 6 Groups Parading

1. Mocidade – Very traditional with huge chances of winning. Top Favorite
2. Portela – Record-Winning Samba School in the Rio Carnival Parade. One of the oldest and most traditional Samba Groups in Brazil. 2017 Winner. Top Favorite
3. Vila Isabel – Very old & traditional Group, took 3rd Place in 2023
4. Mangueira – The most beloved Samba Group in Brazil. Indescribable. 2019 Winner. Top Favorite
5. Tuiutí – A very new group without a lot of tradition and small chances of winning.
6. Viradouro – 2020 Parade Winner. Top Favorite, took 2nd place in 2023.


2023 Parade Results – Top 6 Groups Paraded again on the 25Feb23 – Champions Parade Weekend! 

1 – Imperatriz
2 – Viradouro
3 – Vila Isabel
4 – Beija-Flor
5 – Mangueira
6 – Grande Rio


LIESA (Samba Schools League) Ranking 

In order to offer the public and the media a competitive parade and high artistic level, LIESA maintains a ranking to stimulate the Samba Schools to submit a working increasingly better.

If by the end of the Parade, two or more Samba Groups have the same amount of points and have the same points in all aspects, this ranking is used to break the tie.
The top ten Samba Groups are scored and the sum covers the last five carnivals.
The reward system is as follows:
1st place – 20 points
2nd place  – 15 points
3rd place – 12 points
4th place  – 10 points
5th place  – 8 points
6th place  – 6 points
7th place  – 4 points
8th place  – 3 points
9th place  – 2 points
10th place  – 1 point

Rio Carnival Parade Schedule and Ranking

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