Rio Carnival Grandstand Tickets

Sectors 2 until 11
rio carnival grandstand tickets

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Rio Carnival Grandstand  Tickets

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Rio Carnival Grandstand  Tickets

Prices are Subject to Change, especially on Sector 9, the only one with Assigned Spaces

Rio Carnival Grandstand Tickets 


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Rio Carnival Grandstand Tickets

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Special Group

Sunday 19Feb23


Monday 20Feb23

Prices start @ 

Rio Carnival Parade Sector 2 Grandstand Ticket

Sectors 6,7 & 8


USD $116.82 Approx
GBP $95.69 Approx
AUD $165.60 Approx
CAD $155.79 Approx

Rio Carnival Parade Sector 2 Grandstand Ticket

Sector 9


USD $176.21 Approx
GBP $144.35 Approx
AUD $249.80 Approx
CAD $235.01 Approx

Rio Carnival Parade Sector 2 Grandstand Ticket

Sectors 10 & 11


USD $100.98 Approx
GBP $82.72 Approx
AUD $143.14 Approx
CAD $134.67 Approx

Champions Parade

Saturday 25Feb23

Sectors 6, 7 & 8


USD $86.13 Approx
GBP $70.55 Approx
AUD $122.09 Approx
CAD $114.86 Approx

Sector 9


USD $113.85 Approx
GBP $93.26 Approx
AUD $161.39 Approx
CAD $151.83 Approx

Sectors 10 & 11


USD $70.29 Approx
GBP $57.58 Approx
AUD $99.64 Approx
CAD $93.74 Approx

Rio Carnival Grandstand Tickets

Tips on Rio Carnival Grandstand  Tickets 

Sectors 3, 8 and 10 – Have the best views and acoustic of the Drummers Playing Areas.
Sectors 2, 4 and 5 – Located by the beginning of the Parade. The advantage of being in these Sectors is that you will not have to wait long in between Samba Groups.
Sectors 6 and 7 – Located in the middle of the Parade. Most beautiful panoramic pictures are taken from these Sectors.
Sector 9 – Only Grandstand Sector with Assinged Spaces. No need to arrival early at all!
Sector 11 – If you arrive very early not later than 7pm in order to seat right by the edge, overlooking the Drummers, Sector 11 is a great option and can be the best Grandstand Sector in the entire Sambadrome, otherwise, Sectors 8 and 10 will be better options, you’ll be right across the Drummers with no need to arrive that early.

Sectors 6 and 8 are the first ones to get sold out because of the Subway Station. If you are planning on taking the Transfers, Taxi, or Uber, go for the Odd Sectors as the traffic is much faster and smoother.



Drummers Playing Areas 

There are 2 Drummers Playing Areas in the Sambadrome.
First one is located right next Sector 2. Drummers enter the first playing area 15 minutes before each parade starts (warm up) and keep playing there until approximate 30 minutes of each parade, when they leave towards the Second Paying area, between Sectors 9 and 11. Each Group has 82 minutes to parade.
Being across the Drummers Area is much better acoustically speaking than being next to them. Therefore, Sectors 3, 8 and 10 will offer you a better Drummers Experience of the parade than any other Sector.

Rio Carnival Grandstand Tickets

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