2024 Azamara Rio Carnival Tours & Parade Tickets 

2024 azamara rio carnival

12-Night Carnival in Rio Voyage AZAMARA QUEST
06Feb24 – 18Feb24

In addition to the Rio Carnival Parade Tickets and Sambadrome Transfers, DoBrazilRight is also offering the Azamara Pursuit Passengers an Exclusive 2-Day Tour in Rio de Janeiro.


DoBrazilRight will be in charge of organizing all the groups!

Group Sizes / Vehicles 

1 Passenger / Sedan or SUV
2 Passengers Sedan or SUV
3-6 Passengers / 15-Passenger Van
7-12 Passengers / 20-Passenger Mercedes Van 
13-18 Passengers / 26-Passenger Minibus

Exclusive Small Group Tours

At least 30% of Empty Seats

DoBrazilRight is in charge of organizing all Azamara Groups together, just let us know your Group Size preference!

2024 Rio de Janeiro Carnival

The 2024 Rio Carnival starts on the 10th of February, Saturday. The main Carnival events are the Parades held at the Sambadrome. It´s a fierce competition and the main parades take place on Sunday and Monday (11th & 12th of Feb), the so-called Special Group Parade.
DoBrazilRight Tours & Travel is a Rio Carnival Specialist, with over 20 years of Experience selling tickets for the Greatest Show on Earth.
We highly recommend the Open Front Boxes as the best seats to watch the Carnival Parade, and below you´ll find a comparison between the Boxes and the Grandstands.


Open Front Boxes Grandstands
Best Assigned seats in the entire Venue, especially on Row A where there won´t be anyone seated in front of you. Most affordable tickets to watch the Parade. Spaces are not Assigned, except for Sector 9
Located on the Parade Runaway Level where you will be able to see every little detail of the performances, floaters, costumes, expressions, and the intensity of the Drummers. Beautiful Panoramic Views & Pictures of the Parade.

Best Sectors – 6, 7, 8,  9, 11 & 13

We included Sector 13 as they are the least expensive boxes and a great opportunity to save, especially on Row A.

Best Sectors 6,7, 8 & 9
Most central, best pictures

Tips on Front Box Sectors

Sector 3 – Located at the beginning of the parade route and across the first Drummers Playing Area, sector 3 has a shorter waiting time between groups and you get to enjoy the warm-up, extra 15 minutes of party and drums while the rest of the Sambadrome is seated and waiting.

Sectors 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 – Favorite Sectors among Brazilians.

Sector 9 – Very Central and the most expensive of all Sectors

Sector 11 – Best Drummers Experience from all Sectors as the 2nd Drummers Playing area is located right next to Sector 11. You will have the drummers playing close to you for half of every parade!

Sector 13 – Amazing Value for Row A, and since you´ll be at the ground parade level without a Panoramic View, you will see the same exact parade as if you were on Sector 7 or 9, but saving a lot!

Tips on Grandstand Sectors

Sectors 3, 8, and 10 – Have the best views and acoustic of the Drummers Playing Areas.

Sectors 6 and 7 – Located in the middle of the Parade. Most beautiful panoramic pictures are taken from these Sectors.

Sector 9 – The only Grandstand Sector with assigned spaces. It´s Expensive but there is no need to arrive early at all (the greatest advantage).

Sector 11 – If you arrive very early not later than 7pm in order to seat right by the edge, overlooking the Drummers, Sector 11 is a great option, otherwise, Sectors 8 and 10 will be much better options, and you’ll be right across the Drummers with no need to arrive that early.


Round Trip Sambadrome Transfers – Port Terminal Pick-up, right outside Passengers Terminal # 4 at pre-scheduled times, and will drop you off inside the Venue (which is an amazing plus). Return Buses leave the Sambadrome always at the end of each group parade, from the same point you will disembark on your Arrival. This is a very convenient service considering traffic and crowded locations throughout the city, as you may return all night long, always at the end of each group parade (6 different return times!).


Carnival Tickets and Transfers Coupons will be delivered at the Port, right outside Passengers Terminal # 4, from 8am until 10:30am, on Sunday the 11th of February, and for customers purchasing the 2-Day Tour, Tickets and Coupons will be delivered by the Tour Guide when boarding the Tour vehicle on Sunday Morning.
Please find below all Services DoBrazilRight is offering for the Azamara Quest 12-Night Carnival in Rio Voyage Passengers.

AZAMARA QUEST – 2024 RIO CARNIVAL 2-Day Tour with BBQ Lunch @ Fogo de Chão Botafogo 

11Feb24 – Sunday – 9am
12Feb24 – Monday – 7:50am

Rio de Janeiro 2 Half-Day Private Group Tour Includes:
Round Trip Transportation from/to Rio de Janeiro Port Terminal
Professional English Speaking Tour Guide
All Christ Statue and Sugar Loaf Entrance Fees
Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches visitation.
All-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ Lunch at Fogo de Chão Botafogo

Duration: 14 hours

2023Azamara Rio Carnival Tours

Carnival Parade Grandstand Tickets

11Feb24 – Sunday – 9:30pm
12Feb24 – Monday – 9:30pm

Most popular tickets grant gorgeous panoramic views of the Parade.

We highly recommend Sector 9, the only one with assigned spaces

2024 azamara rio carnival tours

Rio Carnival Parade FRONT BOXES Tickets

11Feb24 – Sunday – 9:30pm
12Feb24 – Monday – 9:30pm


Sectors 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 13

Rows A to D guaranteed tickets

Closest seats to the Runaway with the most detailed views of the Parade!

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Round Trip Sambadrome Transfers - Port Pick Up & Drop Off

11Feb24 – Sunday
12Feb24 – Monday 

Meeting Point right outside Passengers Terminal # 4

A Shuttle Coupon is Required to board the Vehicle.

Please note all our Prices are fixed in Brazilian Reais BRL R$, and converted to USD/EUR/GBP/CAD/AUD on the Product Pages. Converted Prices are approximate and change daily.

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2024 Azamara Rio Carnival Tours & Parade Tickets 

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